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What are the difference between LLP and Partnership

llp registration in bangalore

Limited Liability Partnership ,LLP bangalore is essentially a combination of General Partnerships (GPs) and Limited Partnerships (LPs). As with regular partnerships, limited liability partnerships allow partners to manage the business. Limited partners in the LP cannot assume management responsibility.

LLP registration in Bangalore allows partners to enjoy the liability protection and tax benefits of a limited partnership. LLPs are especially useful for companies engage in the legal, medical, accounting, engineering or construction professions. The partner in the LLP is personally liable for his or her own debts and liabilities resulting from negligence, misconduct or misconduct. However, the partner is not liable for any other debts or actions taken by other partners. Like limited partnerships, LLPs also avoid “double taxation”. Gains at the partnership level are not taxable and are instead reported “through” and on the partner’s personal tax return (Form 1040).

llp registration in bangalore

Difference between LLP and Partnership

LLP registration in Bangalore gives the difference between the LLP and the Partnership firm.


1.  Limited Liability Partnership is a combination of an organization and a partnership where the partners have limited liability on debts and partnership liabilities.

2.  Limited Liability Partnership is governed by the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008

3.  LLP is a separate legal entity and, therefore, may sue or sue others regardless of partners.

4.  The partners of the LLP have limited liability.

5.  The retirement or death of the partner does not dissolve the LLP.

6.  LLP is form through LLP incorporation in Bangalore by a merger document and LLP agreement, so it is legitimate

7.  The LLP may have more than that number as the upper limit is not imposed by law.

8.  Limited liability partnership with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs will be registered.

9.  Limited liability partnership owns property in its own name

Partnership firm

1.  A partnership is an arrangement in which two or more individuals or partners continue to do business together and share their profits and losses in an agreed ration.

2.  The partnership is regulated by the Partnership Act, 1932.

3.  The partner company is no different from most people who have composed.

4.  However, the partners of the company have unlimited liability

5.  The death or retirement of the partner terminates the partnership.

6.  The partnership may or may not be entered into orally or by deed of agreement.

7.  The registered or unregistered partnership should not have more than 20 partners.

8.  The partnership with the Registrar of Companies will be registered.

9.  The partnership does not own the property in its own name.

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LLP Agreement

To understand the need for an LLP agreement, let us first understand the meaning of an agreement. A contract is a mutual understanding between two or more legally competent persons about their rights and duties regarding their past or future observations. Here a question arises – if there is already mutual understanding between two or more people then why an agreement? The answer is – an agreement describes certain terms and conditions, terms, etc. agreed upon by the parties entering into the agreement, which provide ways to resolve various issues that may arise during the course of the proceedings. It establishes a fair relationship between members and protects their interests.

Similarly, When we talk about LLP, the LLP agreement is a written document that determines the rights, duties and responsibilities of members and regulates the work of a limited liability partnership. Once an LLP is form through LLP registration in Bangalore, members must execute a written LLP agreement with the required information about the partners, their capital contribution, profit sharing ratio, working procedure, grievance redressal mechanism, and termination of terms. It helps to avoid conflicts between LLP members and clarify member expectations.

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LLP registration in bangalore

It is mandatory to execute the LLP agreement within 30 days of the inclusion of the limited liability partnership. It is important to note that the draft plays a major role in any successful contract. The LLP is a fine framework and execute agreement foundation for smooth operation, as the nature of each business is unique and each partner’s contribution varies from business to business in terms of investment, time, etc.

In LLP registration in Bangalore, Maruthi Seva Nagar where LLP members do not enter into any agreement, the rights and duties of the partners are govern by Schedule One of the Limited Liability Partnership Act. The provisions mentioned in the first schedule of the Act are-

Limited the liability of all the partners of a limited liability partnership is equally entitle to share in the losses of the entity.

Compensates LLP members for payments made and personal liabilities associated with it.

Particular Limited Liability what harm should each partner cause to the LLP due to his or her fraud in the business conduct of the partnership.

Existing no person can be introduce as a partner without the permission of all existing partners.

All members participate equally in the conduct of LLP business with equal voting rights for LLP registration in Bangalore.

Most partners cannot deport any partner unless they are authorize by express agreement between the partners.


The provisions under the Limited Liability Partnership Act do not provide solutions in many general situations or areas where members expect protection. Having a written agreement gives members the opportunity to change or waive the default location imposed by law and to establish an agreement in other areas. When designing an LLP contract it is advisable to take the knowledge of experts who can understand the flexibility required to adapt to changing conditions for smooth and effective performance. If the partners wish to amend any provision in the Agreement, they may do so by entering into a Subsidiary Agreement. The LLP Agreement and Subsidiary Agreement are require to be stamp, sign and notarized.

llp registration in maruthi seva nagar

Benefits of LLP registration in Bangalore

Limiting the legal liability of the partners:

The partners of the LLP have limited liability and equal liability of capital under the terms agreed upon and cannot act on the liability of the other partners. The amount they invest in the LLP is consider their liability only. In legal terms, if someone sues the LLP, the partners are not liable indefinitely for that amount

Partner roles are flexible:

The LLP registration in Bangalore- Maruthi Seva Nagar insists that the management roles of the partners are very simple. The drafting of the agreement takes place under their own scrutiny so the partners can choose the roles of the partner themselves in the LLP. This structure provides role partners flexibility, with each partner having the right to manage the LLP and the right to choose how much management they want.